Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'The Transposed Man' Review Express Media - Buzzcuts

Harley Hefford | Sunday Sep 27th, 2009

Watching Ross Daniels perform The Transposed Man is like live channel surfing. At the end of this incredible, fast-paced hour of theatre, it seems as if twenty performances have taken place.

Daniels isn’t subtle in admitting that the thin, quirky plotline is really just a way to link together the multiple characters he portrays, but it is from this self-reference and ability to laugh at himself that some of the best moments of the show arise. The whole performance illustrates that he is more than competent in the incredibly difficult format of a one man show, and his rapport with the audience and skill as a performer make this a constantly compelling one to watch.

Each new persona feels like a familiar part of our local landscape, without being clich├ęd, and has been obviously well-researched. Daniels characters can become quite intense, but even when he stares right at you, it’s hard to take your eyes off him. The piece is performed on an almost empty stage, which Daniels constantly transforms, and some well used technology adds some flair.

Part of the curated All Excellent Men set of one man shows being held in Footscray’s Dog Theatre, this is a clever comic and theatrical act with a broad appeal. In a weirdly cathartic way, watching so many people reside within one body has a uniting quality, connecting us all as humans who could perhaps exist inside Ross Daniels too.

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